The rules of our games are simple and straightforward. You will be playing in no time at all.


Gather around and have some fun! Our games will appeal to everyone from Grandpa to the youngest of the family.


Made using the finest materials, our games will entertain many generations, for generations.


Planned obsolescence? Not for these games! Round after round, you will enjoy playing again and again.

Strategy Games

From Swedish chess (Tablut), to an Indonesian game of capture (Surakarta), our collection of strategy games will put your tactical skills to the test.

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Word Games

Light up any gathering among friends or family with a little bit of word play.

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Games of Chance

From Snake, an ancient Egyptian game, to Hadz, our own spinning top game, our games of chance guarantee fun and laughter at each twist and turn.

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Card Games

From Cribbage to Parcheesi, put it all on the table and ace your next get-together.

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NicoNico Collection board games make a unique corporate gift. Get in touch with us and we can make a suggestion as to the best game to offer.

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So creative!!! Played for hours when we got home last night. Great Product!D. Pinto


Each game is carefully handcrafted in
our workshop located in Eastern Townships.

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