Snake and Hyena


Age: 6 years+
Number of Players: 2-6
Length of Play: 30 min or less
Category: Game of Chance

This game, resembling one discovered on the walls of an Egyptian tomb, can be used to play two games: Snake and Hyena.

In Snake, players must advance their pawns to the centre of the board using stones instead of dice.

The game of Hyena is part of the cultural heritage of the Sudanese Muslim community; it evokes the plot of a local myth. The board becomes a footpath connecting the village to the well and players must complete a return trip between the village and the well, successfully avoiding being eaten by the Hyena.


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Silk-screened print on canvas
Six pawns
Three two-faced dice
Fifty tabas
Six stones
Canvas sleeve
Rules, in English and French

Approximate Size:
Open: 56 cm x 41 cm / 22” x 16”
Closed: 51 cm x 13 cm / 20” x 5”